Aix En Provence lies in the South of France (about 20 miles north of Marseille) and is a favorite with tourists because of its warm and pleasant climate.

Some people choose to visit Aix as a single holiday destination, while others will incorporate it as part of their travel plans across the South of France and stop off for a night or two on their travels.

A highlight for visitors is the Cours Mirabeau, which has many trees, fine houses and fountains to walk around. It acts as a divide between the new town and the old town – a real mix of tastes and looks. The new town is to the south and to the west area. The old town has narrow streets and grand mansions built in 17th century.

Aix is known for its fountains, in fact it is sometimes referred to as the city of a thousand fountains. These are an attraction of the area, with some of the most important fountains, in terms of architecture, being Fontaine des Quatre Dauphins (Fountain of the Four Dolphins) in the Quartier Mazarin – designed by Jean-Claude Rambot in the 17th century.

Those who visit Aix can enjoy peaceful walks, beautiful scenery, sunshine and cafes. In fact, the most famous brasserie in Aix – the Deux Garçons, which was built in 1792 was often visited by Ernest Hemingway and Paul Cezanne, among others. Still just as popular today, the various cafes and restaurants offer a cultural and relaxing experience for passers-by.

Those with a love of music, will enjoy the two many musical events that take place in Aix annually. These are the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, a popular opera festival and the Musique dans la Rue, an event in June as part of the Fete de la Musique which offers a variety of street music in the city from classical to jazz. The place really comes to life during these events. Music and entertainment is an important part of life in this area, for locals and visitors.

In 2013, as European Capital of Culture, Aix-en-Provence was part of Marseille-Provence, a year-long festival of culture. The French know how to party!

Those who prefer the museum and gallery scene, to music and dance, will also find something to suit them in Aix with several on offer for visitors and catering for many different tastes.

One of the highlights of Aix in terms of attractions is the Montagne Sainte-Victoire which is 1011 meters high and a landmark of the area. Tours of the area will tell stories of how Paul Cezanne used this part of the world as inspiration for his paintings.

Whether you head for a holiday to enjoy the outdoors with some hiking, enjoy the cultural aspects of a holiday or prefer a more leisurely and relaxed potter around, while stopping at the various eateries, Aix has is it all.

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By: Andy Abner Rivera

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