The Nespresso machine identified a pretty unique problem. Coffee makes you energetic and gets you through the day, but prior to that first cup, you’re lazy, groggy, and pretty unlikely to go and manually brew your coffee. The Nespresso therefore gives you your serving of coffee in a jiffy. Insert a coffee pod into machine, close lid, press button, and presto, great coffee in an instant. However, the Nespresso comes with its disadvantages too. It’s built to work only using Nestlé’s proprietary disposable pods, which are expensive, impossible to customize, and terrible for the environment.

In comes the Capsulier Lite, with its super-hero sounding name, because it quite literally saves the planet and your wallet together. The Capsulier lets you create your own coffee pods, rather than rely on store-bought ones. The machine comes with reusable stainless steel pods that you can simply fill with your own blend of coffee, even throwing spices or aromatics in to craft your personal custom blends. All you have to do is simply pour your crafted brew into the Capsulier’s upper compartment and pull on the lever on the side. The Capsulier fills the stainless steel pod (or the Capsi) with a leveled dose of your brew. The pod can then be used with a Nespresso machine, giving you your instant fix of coffee at the push of a button.

The Capsi can be used with not just coffee but tea too, allowing you to brew specially crafted cups of tea too, and it works out 7 times cheaper than a store-bought Nespresso pod. The pods can be washed and reused infinitely too, so they don’t clog the planet with more waste than necessary. And with the ability to literally play barista by crafting your own unique brews, it’s quite literally a win for everyone!

Designer: Damian

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