Almost hidden among the vineyards and nature, these pavilions for wine tastings are camouflaged in the landscape of the Napa Valley, California. A toast immersed in elegance and delicacy.

These pavilions, designed to accommodate groups for wine tasting, offer an immersive experience in the landscape composed of vineyards and forests of mature oaks. Through a leafy path in the middle of a 113-hectare estate in the Napa Valley (California) you will reach the Quintessa Pavilions, designed by Walker Warner Architects to camouflage themselves in nature.

The project consists of three buildings carefully located to preserve the natural environment and offer an idyllic enclave overlooking the vineyards and the lake. The discretion and elegance in the interior design make this place the perfect backdrop to savor a good glass of wine celebrating the beauty of the earth.

Each pavilion is built with durable and sustainable materials. A concrete wall shaped like a blade configures the entrance to the pavilion, which has a door from which you can discover the terrace with panoramic views of the vineyards.

The steel structure creates cantilevers that protect from inclement weather and the walls with sliding and folding doors allow to play with the amount of light and favor a ventilation system. The surface of the terrace, made of prefabricated concrete pavers in local workshops, as well as the synthetic cypress of the ceilings and coatings, ensures the durability of the construction.

The interior, with custom-designed FSC Certified Afromosia furniture, is designed to accommodate groups of different sizes and with a light color palette favor a warm atmosphere and generate a feeling of continuity with the landscape. Landscaping work has also been carried out in the area closest to the pavilions, where native drought-resistant herbs have been planted to smooth the transition between the pavilions and the vineyards.

Light, color, nature and above all a feeling of peace. In short, the perfect pairing to enjoy the powerful savors of Californian wine.

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