The test became a success and Casa Corona repeats in Madrid this summer. When approaching the beach seems mission impossible, the beach bar comes to you. And also, decorated by Tatiana Garcia Bueso.

Mexico is color, the beaches of Oaxaca and the history of Chiapas. But it is also a michelada, the character of the authentic and modernity well understood. Moving (part) of the Mexican essence to the capital required bringing the beach closer to Madrid. Casa Corona does not allow you to dive into the sea, but refresh yourself with a cool beer in the courtyard of the Jose Ortega y Gasset Foundation (c / Fortuny, 53).

“The idea is to transmit a Madrid at the foot of the beach and a kind of oasis,” explains Tatiana García Bueso, from the study Espacios de Arquitectura. The essence of the project has been maintained but the characteristics have changed. The capacity has tripled, extended the schedule and bet by the outer space. The result? An urban beach bar with reminiscences to Tulum.

At Casa Corona the clock stops and adjusts to its different uses. From weekend brunchs to a concert of Niños Mutantes or Carlos Sadness and outdoor yoga. In addition, in the space will also be given a workshop of ceviche or a cocktail class

The design of the space fits this varied list of activities without leaving aside the premises of the beer brand. “Coronita wants all the design and furniture to be natural,” says Garcia. Last year’s pallets give way to wicker and rattan chairs, blue and yellow mats – matching the logo of the drink – and a hammock that we predict will be very coveted. The decoration and the furniture define and divide the spaces. The area of ​​the wicker chairs and the low yellow tables is designed for a drink. To eat an elongated table has been arranged under a wooden pergola adorned with a tangled artificial plant. The prominent area is the Balinese bed, the hammocks and the colorful mattresses.

The wood and vegetation serve as the connecting thread to this beach resort without beach, that yes. Less than two months later the team of Architecture Studies gave life to this beach bar in Almagro. An adjusted deadline in which there was even time for contingencies. “The stage set him up with the black iron festival concert trusts. I had designed it in wood and almost gave me a heart attack, “recalls the designer. Nothing that the sisal thread and the reaction time of his equipment could solve.

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