LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM [JANUARY 11, 2015] – Inspired by the vibe of London’s Soho in the 1950s to the early 1960s, Dunhill’s F/W 2015 collection features a mix of vintage and contemporary menswear. To echo the vibes of the 1950s,

As the show increase, we then see a conexion in the era in both the looks and background music, as models woalk in more modern-looking outfits strut down the runway to contemporary electronica from Powell’s Diagonal Records.

This menswear collection has outfits with a more relaxed fit and generous cutting, providing the wearer with an ease of movement in their daily dutties. Thus, for those who put comfort as their top priority when it comes to choosing an outfit, dunhill’s F/W menswear 2015 collection is the best choise.

Colour-wise, creative director John Ray was inspired by the leftover paints found in the studio of Francis Bacon. Consisting mostly of earthly tones, the outfits were made with exclusive fabrics specially developed in British mills.

Another thing we like about dunhill’s A/W 2015 menswear collection is the array of options that it has offered us as it features both preppy and formal-looking outfits. Thus, whether you are looking for something snug to wear on a casual Sunday or going for an important business meeting, dunhill will have you covered.

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