From Bali to Tuscany, passing through Africa and an undeniable Russian heart. The projects of the Moscow ArtGroup studio do not know distances or styles, they only seek to adapt and live with their clients.

“We do not like to define ourselves in any style because it conditions too much. This type of “elegant” interiors will eventually be useless, because we always end up buying things that stop adjusting to the created scenario and end up looking different. That’s why our interiors live with our clients, they change with them, they improve. It is our distinctive feature. So if we talk about our stylistic affiliation, it is definitely eclectic, combining European and Asian styles. For this project, for example, we took tiles from southern Italy and ethnic accessories from the island of Bali, as well as paintings and various items of furniture. ” This is ArtGroup, by Vasilkova Daria, the Moscow studio that took charge of this reform and that the only slogan it received from its owners was “how are we going to tell the artists how they should work? Do not think about our age or social status, just create something as brutal and brilliant as possible. ” Said and done. With the main idea of ​​connecting several adjacent areas in an area so that the three generations that inhabit the house have particular spaces, they decided on exclusive solutions of color, decoration and creation. Thus, with the neutrality granted by the white and brick seen, the rest was a game of additions of bright furniture, ethnic fabrics, very spectacular paintings and accessories, many and different. At a structural level, the terrace was added to give more space to the living room. The rest was a visual thread that takes you from one environment to another, knowing that you are changing your stay but still being connected to the rest of the spaces.

The tandem of architecture and decoration is very striking. The architectural core is as simple as the European style: quiet, comfortable and functional furniture with accessories and qualitative materials in decoration, where you can see flea market paintings from Indonesia and France, paintings by Russian artists, African fabrics and ikats from Uzbekistan. In this house in Moscow, you can give a “stylistic” around the world that collects 11,000 kilometers in rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms and kitchen. Down the borders!

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