The hostel that invites you to enjoy until the end of the world arrives in Madrid. The project, signed by ‘Wanna One’, is inspired by Newton’s prediction to fully squeeze (and design) the city.

It is one of the last openings of the capital (and perhaps one of the most daring), it is called 2060 The Newton Hostel and its own name is already quite a provocation. 2060 is the year in which Newton (who is honored throughout the interior) predicted the end of the world and until that happens, have proposed to make it easy to enjoy the city of Madrid in a fun and uncomplicated way. Thus, to the 360º study of marketing, design and interior design, Wanna One has transformed what was once a six-story warehouse on Calle Cabeza (Tirso de Molina) into this uninhibited design hostel with the capacity to accommodate 200 people.

As soon as you enter a spacious lobby, you will be greeted by an accountant with the remaining days until Newton’s prophecy is fulfilled. There is also his famous apple, which clearly could not miss. And the whole hostel is flooded with nature. The dining room is open 24h -to eat, read, rest, meet other guests or chat. In addition there is a kitchen available for those traveling on a more tight budget. The industrial style (floors of polished cement and continuous terrazzo, iron profiles) is combined with garden furniture in the interior (as in the comedior) and labels with attractive graphics with claims alluding to the well-known physicist. This aesthetic also extends to the rooms. There are for groups of up to 12 people and, for the most timid, also individual and with private bathroom.
But the thing does not end here. The more disfrutones can take advantage of the time in spaces like the spa, in the rooftop bar (where there are wonderful views) and the bunker, a multipurpose room in which you can lock yourself up for your business.

In ‘The Newton Hostel boast of having “the perfect location” in the heart of Madrid. Where they invite you to live life as if it were the last day. Remember, there are only 42 years left before everything ends.

* The Newton Hostel Madrid: Calle de la Cabeza, 11 Tel .: 682 26 11 30 *

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