ETRO MEN SPRING 2015 BACKSTAGE: Etro’s man is no wallflower, specially for spring. In fact, he’s more of a Bacchanalian buffet table.

The show started out classic enough — double-breasted suits that were a little retro, but still on trend — and then gradually became more eccentric. A baby pink parka styled with baby blue jogging pants and matching sweater were only a gentle introduction to what was about to transpire.

“We are what we eat,” was the name of the collection, and Kean Etro relied heavily on 16th-century Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, famous for his fantasy portraits composed of foodstuffs. But Etro let his imagination run wild in the last third of the collection as he splashed prints of crustaceans, fruit, fish, veggies, lasagna and plates full of pasta onto track pants, shirts, anoraks and parkas. Not even the weekender bags and the trendy slip-on sneakers were spared the kooky motifs. It ended up being too rich for the stomach.

Loved the music transition starting with live classical music and (like the runway) was getting more interesting.  The mix of clothes, the texture and the bohemian vibe was very interesting.

I really like what’s happen backstage, the frenzy must be very crazy back there but all job must be done on time for the runway.

Definitely the clothes fits well for the traveling international man, working in Paris, France, London, Milan and going to vacationing in India or Baly.



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