The beauty of the new and the charm of the traditional merge in the new project of ‘We Boutique Hotel’: so nice and appetizing is ‘We Bistrot’, the last ‘place to be’ in Barcelona.

It does nothing that We Bistrot raised the blind in the Barcelona neighborhood of Sant Pere. Since then it has not stopped triumphing. The opinions of those who visit it and enjoy it through its dishes and its atmosphere are always enthusiastic and tending to perfection.

No wonder: the new concept of the restaurant has recovered the essence of Can Framis, a 19th-century grocery store dedicated to fresh and Mediterranean cuisine. With the same philosophy and in the same enclave, We Bistrot is reborn creating a space of beautiful design and offering the same fresh, Mediterranean and international cuisine that conquers the palates of today.

Lorenzo Fragola and Fernando Pérez Pradells are the brand new owners who, led by the architect Luca Pizzolorusso, have conceived the space as we can describe it today. “Combining conservation and recovery with an avant-garde and contemporary design”, they affirm.

Most of them are vintage pieces refurbished by the craftsman Germano Marchetti: the structure of wooden shelves organized by the premises belonged to the old grocery store. Also details that adorn it and antiques that occupy its shelves to fill them with history. In contrast: the central bar is Art Deco inspired, the marble tables, the chairs of the 50s and the hydraulic tile floor.

Its owners define a bistro as “a popular restaurant that offers traditional and foreign dishes at a good price”. And that is just what they wanted to create … but with a plus: a perfect space that inspires at any time of the day.

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