Malgosia Bela and Mathias Lauridsen are captured by Mert & Marcus for Gucci Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign. Styled by Alister Mackie. Hair by Orlando Pita. Make-up by Lisa Eldridge.

The photographers Mert & Marcus did an excellent job, as usual, with Polish model Malgosia Bela wearing ’70s inspired designs including denim, fur coats and suede jackets.

In the menswear section Mathias Lauridsen did the job appearing in black & white campaign images that highlight the Italian fashion house’s graphic stripes for the season.

We really like this bohemian Gucci girl…She gives us that free spirit that we love, contrasting to the sobriety of the men portraits and clothes. The denim pants in the womenswear are excellent, they have a good fit and silhouettes.  We like the prints, they keep the bohemian vibe to its highest levels and of course the fur vest…SOMETIMES YOU NEED SOME FUR TO GET GUCCI STYLE.

We would like to see this bohemian vibe in the men collection, we love black & white, but we live for color too. Let’s give a chance for the striped men!…THE MEN’S JACKET FIT ARE AMAZING!

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