Overlooking the palm grove of Elche, this apartment has been conceived as a warm, family space, with a feminine touch, design pieces and some small surprise.

From the huge windows of this house in the center of Elche you can contemplate one of the biggest attractions of the city: its palm grove. Thousands of palm trees adorn their views that, as if they wanted to go inside, seem to have served as inspiration in the interior of the house, full of plants and with an almost tropical but very feminine touch.

As explained by the Cáliz Vázquez architecture and interior design studio, the owners are a couple and their daughter who wanted to enjoy the day to day, the generous light, and the views it offers. Thus, in the house of 120 m2 in a new building, the day area was redistributed, which originally had the independent kitchen, to create a single room.

For this, in the project one of the four bedrooms of origin was sacrificed to make more spacious the daughter’s bedroom and the day area, which is the nerve center of the house and that everyone, including their three puppies of Jack Russel , they enjoy equally.

Regarding the style of interior design, as explained from the study, this is marked by its dwellers, mother and daughter, who decided to give a subtle and feminine touch with a palette of roses, pastel shades, copper, soft woods, natural and golden linens .
In the kitchen area your island of Neolith statuary receives us as soon as you enter, with the drawers covered in the same material, and the gallery and the hidden appliances with a door from floor to ceiling. In addition, it has opted to add art with a watercolor by Charles Villeneuve and, in contrast, has maintained a pillar of bush hammered concrete, bare, showing its composition, cement, sand and gravel.

As for the rest of the house, in the bathroom of the youngest has been added a mosaic of ceramic pieces tribute to the hydraulics, designed by Patricia Urquiola for the house Mutina, with a generous piece of furniture in oak wood designed to measure. In his bedroom pieces of Maisons du Monde and a linen cloth covering the wall have been added. In the marriage, most pieces are vintage and, the bathroom en suite, has been covered with Neolith pieces.

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