Between house and apartment, this project by Olivier Dwek on the Belgian coast creates a perfect dialogue between architecture and nature. Authentic modernism in its purest form.

Among the dunes of this coastal region of Belgium this house looks like a single villa, but inside we discovered that there are actually three different apartments (one on each level) of around 200 square meters each.

The project, which leads directly to the beaches and the North Sea, was built on the sand in a minimalist style, sober and pure. Simplicity permeates the architecture of this refuge that has a cubist touch and reminiscent of the modern style of the early twentieth century, a time that Olivier Dwek is passionate about.

In the facades, the natural stone has a gray tone that fuses with the dominant color of the sky, reinforcing the dialogue between the building and its surroundings. The terraces were designed to protect from the rain and at the same time invite you to admire the landscape.

The first level of the building houses the interior spaces of a floor with three bedrooms that was completely designed by the architect Olivier Dwek (based in Brussels) in collaboration with Obumex.

Dwek took special care of natural light to highlight works of art and furniture. Pieces by Vladimir Kagan, Ado Chale, Charlotte Perriand, George Nakashima and Pierre Jeanneret, among others, as well as abstract paintings by Günter Förg adorn the floor of a couple of collectors who fell in love with the place.

For Olivier Dwek, interior design is the natural continuation of architecture, so he always gives great importance to proportions, materials, light and textures both outside and inside.

Passionate about the decorative arts and modernist furniture, Dwek conceives projects that give off rigor but at the same time inject a dose of warmth, which results in a timeless and serene elegance.

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