VIETNAM: This ecofriendly project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, by Vo Trong Nghia Architects firm, is designed and develop to return green space into the city.

I really love this house since the moment I saw it.  The combination of concrete and the vegetation is expectacular.  The JUNGLE feeling mixing with the URBAN CITY vibe makes this project unique.  The aereal view is to die for, the feeling that you are in a deep forest cover you since you get in there.

They give some technique to the rough concrete, a simple detail that gives you a plus which all project needs.  I find really contrasting the bricks in the interior, a little unexpected.

Into the Lighting Design area I think they need to enhance what they have as a volumetric element, gives some eye direction for the visitors at night.

Although is a very irregular terrain, they find a way to develop a good ecofriendly project.  The pavement keeps the project theme and gives geometrical feeling, GREEN ALL THE WAY!

Project description: Under rapid urbanization, cities in Vietnam have diverged far away from their origins as rampant tropical forests. In Ho Chi Minh City, as an example, only 0.25% area of the entire city is covered by greenery. Over-abundance of motorbikes causes daily traffic congestion as well as serious air pollution. As a result, new generations in urban areas are losing their connections with nature.

“House for Trees”, a prototypical house within a tight budget of 155,000 USD, is an effort to change this situation. The aim of project is to return green space into the city, accommodating high-density dwelling with big tropical trees. Five concrete boxes, each houses a different program, are designed as “pots” to plant trees on their tops. With thick soil layer, these “pots” also function as storm-water basins for detention and retention, therefore contribute to reduce the risk of flooding in the city when the idea is multiplied to a large number of houses in the future.


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