Over the summer the house of Hunter Boots took to the air for an out-of-home marketing adventure like none other that included a dynamic hot air ballon in the shape of their iconic Wellington Boot. For the winter, Hunter enlisted creative director Jonathan Arundel to keep that spirit of adventure going in their winter ‘Adventures Ahead’ campaign.

The campaign is staged in the otherworldly location of Charco de los Clicos, a volcanic mash-up of rust and black rocks resulting in a green lake in the costal town of Lanzarote, Spain. The setting couldn’t be more perfect to project extreme environments to showcase the breath of the collection which included more than the houses footwear staples, namely outerwear. Photographer Billy Ballard captures models Max Streetly, Asia Piwka, and Ruth Akele as they traverse the alien-like terrain.

Arundel wisely uses some of the sharpest surveying inspired graphics we’ve seen in a fashion campaign. Latitude and longitude coordinates, along with evolution graphics, are delicately blended into the narrative while the tagline of ‘Adventures Ahead’ takes the primarily lead. It is a tremendously well designed campaign that checks all the boxes and The Impression hopes leads to grander adventures ahead for both Hunter and Arundel.

Creative Director | Jonathan Arundel
Photographer | Billy Ballard
Models | Max Streetly, Asia Piwka, Ruth Akele
Stylist | Hanna Kelifa
Hair & Makeup | Scarlett Burton
Producer | Camilla Bellamacina
Location | Charco de los Clicos, Lanzarote, Spain

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