01 red-lacquer-kitchenFor this 2015, the kitchen is not being built for just cooking. it’s becoming a multi-purpose room also acting as the hub of all activities and festivities.

We know this space has its magic, but in 2015 is a party room with more than one purpose. Si let’s tahe a look!

02 teal-kitchen-cabinets

BRING COLOR: Don’t be afraid to add color to your kitchen decoration and cabinets.  Only adding contrast to the ambient gives you the opportunity to get the look you are aiming for.  Look this year color palette recommendation and give a try.

03 kitchen-island-steel-pendant-lights

INDUSTRIAL LIGHTING: Lighting gives a significant change to every space, remember cooking and all the activities (functional or recreational) needs the right amount of light. Don’t be afraid to use industrial lighting, it gives that plus to the room

And don’t forget that accent esthetic light we all love!

04 stainless-steel-kitchen-industrial-wood-brick

INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN ISLAND: This room is taking on a new personality thanks to popular cooking shows that exhibit industrial kitchens that are outfitted with all the restaurant-quality fixings.

The islands remains the center of the kitchen, but thanks in part to these television shows, the island has shifted. Mobile kitchen islands are all the rage and there’s clear reason for their rise in popularity. Built with function and efficiency in mind a mobile island gives you the benefit of extra counter space, without restrictions on your floor plan.

Islands that can be moved from place to place open up opportunities for space in your room you wouldn’t have with a stationary island. And the style of island has begun to mimic a more industrial standard with steel wheels and stainless steel shelves.

05 pull-out-kitchen-shelves

HIGH EFFIENCY: When talking about kitchen trends for 2015, efficiency is all the rage. There’s no better place to put efficiency into practice than with your pantry shelves. Your kitchen pantry holds all your most essential kitchen items, and should be a priority when it comes to your kitchen upgrade.

Pull-out pantry shelves not only make the search for the right ingredient easier, but virtually painless. Shelves that pull out mean you’re able to see everything at once and just as easily rearrange.

Make this the year that you eliminate kitchen stress by adding a set of pull-out pantry shelves. You’ll kiss the days of digging in the dark goodbye when you’re finally able to visualize what you actually have in that pantry and find it within seconds.

06 vertical-kitchen-storage

VERTICAL DRAWERS: Of course is a good idea to add vertical drawers to your kitchen.  There’s no interior design rule that says you can’t have vertical drawers and only horizontal.  If have not think about try to incorporate it in you cooking room.

Interior designers are adding and hiding tall drawers and taking a good advantage of wasted wall space in the house.

07 modern-kitchen-island-unique-

KITCHEN ISLANDS AS DÉCOR: This year, transform your kitchen from culinary base to display case with the addition of a unique kitchen island.

Consider incorporating glass or mirror doors on island storage units, or refurbish an old barn table into an island by adding lower shelving units for storage. Regardless of the style you choose, begin to look at your island as a style statement.

The island in the image below certainly makes an impact!

08 stainless-steel-kitchen-floor-tiles

FLORRING: According to architect Stephen Alton, flooring options for 2015 are going to be amazing, particularly when it comes to the kitchen. Porcelain is going to be a popular flooring choice this year, especially for those on tighter budgets.

Available in many different colors, patterns, and textures, porcelain lasts as long, if not longer than many other flooring products— despite the images of fine china that the name suggests.

For those with higher-end budgets, more elaborate floor tiles will be popular such as the ones shown in the image below.

09 turquoise-kitchen-tile

TILES: This is the year of the tile.  Not hard to install and available in all kind of designs, colors and materials. There’s no reason to stop using them, why not to cover an entire wall?

Tiles will definitely bring a new amazing life to your kitchen decoration!

10 Screen-Shot-2015-01-26-at-6.34.45-PM

BRASS IS BACK: Sometimes the best décor trends are seen in the details. Your kitchen is no exception to this rule.

The gleam of brass details can turn your kitchen into a very elegant space. Think shiny brass pendants, brass knobs, handles and brass facets.

If this shine it too much for your tastes, then try toned-down copper details instead. Either way, these gold-hued metals are very now.

12 hidden-charging-station

SMARTKITCHEN: If your smartphone can’t do it, then it can’t be done, right? Well, for many this is true, which is why a current trend in kitchens evolve around smart technology.

Take, for instance, the Anova Precision Cooker. This Bluetooth-enabled device allows you to connect to your phone, search recipes, and integrate the suggested cooking times and temps so that your food comes out perfect each and every time.

You will also want to embrace charging stations within your kitchen design—there are numerous hidden options to be discovered that won’t take away from the decor. Consider adding some unique technology to your kitchen, making it ‘smarter’ in 2015.

Make this year the one that takes your kitchen from standard to sublime. With a focus on efficiency, functionality and personal style, you can’t go wrong.

What trend do you want to add to your kitchen this year?

By: Andy Abner Rivera

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