#Market Days By Giampaolo Sgura For #Vogue #Japan

6a00e54fb7301c883401b7c6d7df73970bVogue Paris and Vogue Italia are the best Vogues on the planet … hands down but Japan is doing a great job too, mostly because I love the work of Giampaolo Sgura. You may remember this cool editorial shot in Disneyland Paris. This time Giampaolo Sgura (who always delivers my favorite shoots) is going grocery shopping in My Market Days. The photos are great but the styling by Anna Dello Russo is pretty sick!6a00e54fb7301c883401a73e0dcb3c970d-500wi 6a00e54fb7301c883401a73e0dcb94970d-500wi 6a00e54fb7301c883401a73e0dcc41970d-500wi 6a00e54fb7301c883401a73e0dcc70970d-500wi 6a00e54fb7301c883401a73e0dcd09970d-500wi 6a00e54fb7301c883401b7c6d7e1c3970b-500wi 6a00e54fb7301c883401b7c6d7e2a6970b-500wi 6a00e54fb7301c883401b7c6d7e165970b-500wi 6a00e54fb7301c883401b7c6d7e274970b-500wi 6a00e54fb7301c883401b7c6d7e292970b-500wi 6a00e54fb7301c883401b8d061b4f3970c-500wi 6a00e54fb7301c883401b8d061b75d970c-500wi 6a00e54fb7301c883401b8d061b696970c-500wi Source: OHLALAMAG

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