Bringing the Mediterranean Sea, with its warm tones and summer sensations, to this house of the early twentieth century, was the goal of this comprehensive reform.

The young architects who owned the house had it clear: we had to start from scratch and completely change the look of this house of the early twentieth century, in which space and natural light were wasted, with a receiving too large, a gallery Un useful interior and dark rooms with little natural light.
From that point of departure, the developers of the integral reform of this house located in the widening of Valencia worked. The objective was to achieve a functional, practical floor with the warmth and character of the Mediterranean summer.

The distribution and the already obsolete installations, which had undergone some partial reforms in the 70s, were demolished in the first phase of the project, developed by the Negrosobreazul Arquitectos studio in collaboration with the architect Ana Soler Martínez.

In the design of the new distribution, we sought to create open and bright spaces, together with some closed and functional rooms. To do this, the hall and the interior gallery were eliminated, reducing spaces to the maximum and creating a central space of common use from which the rest of the rooms are accessed.
The inspiration for the style of decoration, to the taste of the owners, was the warmth and color of the Mediterranean environment. The colors and materials used maintain a line of neutral and warm tones that are combined with wood coatings, achieving a summer and soft atmosphere.

As a reminder of the old floor, part of the hydraulic tile paving used by the building was rescued, although it was not used in the floors, since it was in a very bad state of conservation. The solution to not lose the essence that these traditional tiles of the area granted to the house, was to frame the best preserved pieces and use them as decorative elements in some walls.

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