The tradition of the Christmas tree in the house was derived from people bring their plants indoors for the winters to prevent the frost from killing the plants.

We still practice this today with the evergreen Christmas Tree, and a closely-knit family studio based out of Slovenia wants to stick to the tradition of having a tree, but amp up its minimalism. Christmas trees are usually an exercise in decadence with baubles, streamers, and gifts galore, but not the Yelka.

The Yelka is a minimalist Christmas tree made with real wood, but with a design overhaul. Stacked upward in an alternating pattern, the pieces of wood resemble a Christmas tree, sans the excessive styling. The Yelka is perfect for a home with Scandinavian sensibilities and a love for minimalism. The tree comes in three different sizes, and is easy to assemble. The wooden slats stack one above the other and can rotate on a common axis, allowing you to build your tree by manually arranging the position of each branch. If you’re a sucker for decoration, you can even run a string of fairy lights around the tree, no problem! The Yelka comes in three different wood variants and with two different types of bases. Choose between a dark Walnut, or an Oak, or a light Maple wood to suit your home. You can even select the color for your stand too!

Designed to be an experience in itself, the Yelka is engaging and interactive. Much like you’d spend hours decorating a traditional Christmas tree, the Yelka’s playful design encourages you to be hands-on with it, probably even having a relentless power tussle with your family members and friends over which layout is the best (the helix is my personal favorite)! Designed to last decades, the Yelka can be flat-packed into a box and be taken out every Christmas for a wonderful holiday season that’s minimalist in just the visual sense. As for the gifts, food, drinks, and company, the more the merrier!

Designer: Hello Yellow House

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