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Morfeus Arkitekter completes mirrored toilet block on Norwegian coastline

Drivers cruising along one of Norway’s Scenic Routes can take a break at this mirrored toilet that reflects the surrounding landscape.

Norwegian Scenic Routes by Morfeus
Photo is by Hugo Fagermo / NPRA

The facility designed by Oslo studio Morfeus Arkitekter is the latest architectural addition to the series of 18 driving routes, which provide access to Norway’s natural highlights.

The Norwegian Scenic Route Andøya in the north of the country, follows a portion of the coast past a rock formation called Bohkegeargi, which is a protected cultural monument connected with the heritage of the local Sami people.

The rocks form a natural altar and pulpit where offerings to the gods were once made. It is now used for open-air church services that attract people from across the district.

Norwegian Scenic Routes by Morfeus

The new rest area is positioned alongside a road that separates steep mountains to the east from the sea to the west, and provides a dramatic view towards the dramatic landscape in the north.

It is located further north along the coast from another toilet facility featuring a curving roof that sweeps upwards from a poured-concrete viewing terrace.

Norwegian Scenic Routes by Morfeus

The Bukkekjerka rest area comprises parking and service functions, as well as a fire site on the shore, a free-standing concrete bench, picnic areas, paths and a footbridge linking this area to the nearby lighthouses.

The forms and materiality of the new interventions are informed by their surroundings, with angular concrete structures scattered across the rugged terrain.

“The persistent architectural expression consists of folded concrete slabs, inspired by the jagged mountain peaks in the area,” said a statement from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, which oversees the scenic routes network.

Norwegian Scenic Routes by Morfeus

“Variations within the same materiality arise from different functions, and especially in their encounter with different landscape situations,” continued the statement.

The main service building contains the toilets in a simple volume wrapped in polished acid-resistant steel, which reflects vistas of the sea and surrounding mountains.

Norwegian Scenic Routes by Morfeus

The rear wall is made of one-way mirrored glass that allows users to look out at the landscape from inside, while ensuring privacy and continuing the contrast with the robust concrete surfaces.

The nearby picnic area is situated on consecrated ground and will be used for an annual open-air church service. Its location is also ideal for viewing the area’s unique geological rock formations.

Norwegian Scenic Routes by Morfeus

The Norwegian Scenic Routes project comprises 18 selected drives through the Norwegian landscape. Other architectural attractions along the routes include a zig-zagging network of pathways by Reiulf Ramstad and a traingular platform providing vertiginous views by Code Arkitektur.

Photography is by Caroline Støvring / Morfeus Arkitekter unless stated otherwise.

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