Opposite, contradictory and, of course, complementary. Its gastronomy and decoration are so radically different that they have fallen in love with Miuccia Prada, Patrizio Bertelli or Rem Koolhaas.

The favorite restaurants of Miuccia Prada, her husband Patrizio Bertelli and Rem Koolhaas and their OMA team in Milan, are two completely antagonistic establishments, they take the opposite but they coexist close, with harmony, and complement each other, like the kitchen they pose , as the spaces they inhabit. The newest and most sophisticated is the new building of the Prada Foundation in Milan, TORRE. The other, very close, is a traditional tavern specializing in Lombard cuisine in the purest Italian style, the Calabiana Taverna.

In both the client is taken care of and the expectations do not disappoint. One of them has works by Jeff Koons, John Wesley or Carsten Höller and the terrace concentrates all the attention for its privileged views of Milan. In the other, the walls are covered with historical reasons of unknown author and rustic, intimate and very cozy lanterns, strict wooden and wicker furniture and a landscaped inner courtyard, somewhat chaotic, with a pergola, also made of wood, which is the area preferred by customers.

# Restaurant and bar Torre
After the success of the Bar Luce, designed by the film director Wes Anderson, the restaurant of the new Tower was a challenge, the OMA team itself, with Federico Pompignoli at the helm of the Italian delegation, has designed it focusing on the views through the glass front that overlooks the terrace. From here you see a perspective of the city never seen, a new skyline. The interior design finishes have focused on wood, flooring and paneled walls and various shades of blue, with the original furniture of the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York, designed by Philip Johnson in 1958.

In addition, they decorate elements of the installation of Carsten Höller The Double Club, three sculptures by Lucio Fontana – two glazed polychrome ceramics Cappa per caminetto and Pilastro, and a mosaic of glass paste and cement Testa di Medusa – as well as a selection of paintings by William N. Copley, Jeff Koons, Goshka Macuga and John Wesley.

One of the walls exhibits dishes created especially for this space by artists such as John Baldessari, Thomas Demand, Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg, Elmgreen & Dragset, Joep Van Lieshout, Goshka Macuga, Mariko Mori, Tobias Rebherger, Andreas Slominski, Francesco Vezzoli or John Wesley
The Torre Bar has a central bar with bottles suspended in a metal structure with liquors from all over the world, on its left a chimney surrounded by Soviet armchairs and Tulip tables by Eero Saarinen.

The restaurant’s kitchen has its own innovation project, a special collaboration with CARE’s: The Ethycal Chefs Days, made up of chefs under thirty years of age. The letter is based on change, on the development of thematic days, a process conceived by Norbert Niederkofler and Paolo Ferretti. Throughout the year, young talents from all over the world are invited to offer the specialties of their country for a specific period of time.

Ristorante Torre
Milan: Via Lorenzini, 14
Tel .: +39 02 23323910

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