Next to a pond of clear waters, with nothing around, the fifty square meters of this wooden cabin are the perfect place to isolate yourself and enjoy nature and silence.

Living in a cabin have become fashionable and it is something with a lot of sense because it is the best way to get out of our stressful routines, noise and asphalt and immerse ourselves fully in nature and silence to find balance and harmony once again. inner peace. Inspired by the traditional fishermen’s huts in the area, this refuge designed by the A111 studio and built entirely of wood, is the perfect place to let your thoughts flow with the silence of the lake and the sound of nature.

Located in the Vysočina region of the Czech Republic, it was designed as a weekend house for a family with children and has everything you need to enjoy all the comforts. The objective, as they point out from the A111 study, was to create a house adapted to the legal restriction of not exceeding 50 square meters, in which it does not lack anything. And, as it seems, they have achieved it.

The construction consists of four modules, three of them interconnected and a fourth, separated, which serves as a warehouse. In the main volumes are all common rooms and bedrooms, with interiors covered in light-colored wood to promote greater luminosity.
Thus, on the outside, the dark wood makes the cabin integrated into the landscape without breaking the harmony of the nature that surrounds it. And, inside, the warmth of the wood in light tones, combined with white and minimalist details, make it a space so comfortable that it relaxes just by looking at it.

Through the small entrance to the modules you access the kitchen, on which opens an attic, rather small, intended to be the children’s bedroom. The kitchen and the master bedroom, open to the outside, offer panoramic views of the lake. Meanwhile, the living room, makes it towards the other facade, allowing to contemplate the oak forest that surrounds the cabin. The fourth module, intended for storage, also offers a space that, like a porch, allows you to create a space to simply dedicate yourself to the silent contemplation of nature.

The house is equipped with electricity and has a wood stove to heat it on cold days. So comfort is assured. The minimalist style contributes to generate a feeling of spaciousness, visual cleanliness and great warmth.

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