For their first-ever holiday campaign, Salvatore Ferragamo’s Creative Director Paul Andrew teamed with Trey Laird and the crew at Laird + Partners to embrace difference and diversity. The result is a campaign entitled Patchwork Of Characters focused on three different statements from the design houses holiday collection.

Photographer and Director Sofia Malamute captured models Fabienne Dobbe, Malaika Firth, Chuyan He, Tevin Steele, and Ryu as a group of friends celebrating the holidays via gift exchanges and sing alongs.

Being part of Ferragamo’s story is a true gift. Our dynamic creative community has all the rich heritage of this house to explore, and we enjoy total freedom to play with those codes from the past in order to reinvent them for the present. Shooting this campaign alongside Sofia and watching all that work come alive was extremely exciting. That’s because the greatest privilege in being able to explore the archive, passed down via generations of Ferragamo expertise and passion, lies in being able to introduce it to a new generation.

It is a strong first outing for a holiday themed story, albeit perhaps focus too much on showcasing the offerings and not enough on narrative that has lasting memories. No one remembers their gifts from seasons ago, but everyone remembers the lasting memories of key events around the holidays. Stories are memorable, products are simply a souvenir that act as a reminder.

Andrew is fairly new to this global marketing game but shows promise and The Impression is looking forward to festive seasons ahead for the Creative Director who knows the power of impact is not just in the gift, but how you give it.

Salvatore Ferragamo Creative Director | Paul Andrew
Agency | Laird + Partners
Creative Director | Trey Laird
Photographer/Director | Sofia Malamute
Talent | Fabienne Dobbe, Malaika Firth, Chuyan He, Tevin Steele, Ryu

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