This beautiful, seating-sculpture-like structure is a ‘Kodama Zomes’, and it offers a whole lot more than just being a dramatic piece of eye candy! It is a revolutionary item of furniture that provides the user with an unapparelled level of comfort and escapism, inside the house or out.

Designed with immense attention to detail and crafted using the finest of materials, the Kodama Zomes feels just as good as it looks! The gentle, unrestricted swaying motion that is achieved by the single overhead point soothes the vestibular system and makes the Zomes a place of tranquillity and exceptional comfort. Kodama also offers a range of covers for the Zomes, from the undeniably practical Mosquito Net to the shade-creating Sun Shade… all to enhance the surreal experience.

You would be forgiven for mistaking this item of furniture for a piece of art due to its defined and striking design, making Zomes just as alluring to look at, as it is to reside in.

Designer: Richie Duncan of Kodama Zomes

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