At the top of a slope, in the Czech Republic, this small and solitary mountain refuge is perfect to isolate itself a few days inside its cozy wooden structure and its beautiful design.

Winter is here and this refuge is fully prepared to receive it. This small mountain lodge, designed to welcome guests, is located next to an old ski slope in the Krkonoše Mountains, in the Czech Republic. Due to its impeccable design, the work of the Czech architecture studio ADR s.r.o., it has been nominated for the 2018 national awards.

The name of the refuge, Černá Voda, is taken from one of the streams that converge in this mountainous area. The location on a hillside, absolutely privileged, offers stunning views over the surrounding landscape, as well as the Sněžka peak, the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. And to take advantage of it, the wooden structure, approximately 5.3 x 5.6 meters, has a steel terrace that opens onto the landscape like a viewpoint.

The materials of the exterior, aluminum sheet and wood, have been blackened to camouflage them among the trees and shrubs of the landscape. Meanwhile, inside, the warm colors of the wood and the minimalist design turn this hostel into a delicatessen for the senses.
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The interior has a corridor, a living room with kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet. In these common areas, of shared space, everything is calculated to the millimeter and built to measure, hiding storage areas from view. The living room has an open ceiling and exposed beams, giving a great sense of spaciousness.

The bedroom is on a higher level, going up the stairs in black, which stands out as a sculptural element throughout the interior. The protection network of this upper part is also part of the interior design becoming a functional and aesthetic element that give personality to this space prepared for a perfect winter vacation.

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