Introducing the teeny tiniest drone EVER! The SKEYE Pico Drone is so small, it can easily sit on your finger and fly on precision controlled exercises into the narrowest of nooks! The drone is designed to be taken everywhere and is so small that it even fits inside of its own controller. With Ready to Fly Technology (RTF) and 3 levels of sensitivity, the SKEYE Pico Drone is incredibly easy to control and maneuver. The SKEYE Pico doesn’t just hover up and down – you can go full daredevil with its 6-Axis flight control system and auto-adjustable gyro sensitivity. Flips, spins, and epic aerial dives are all possible with just a little practice. With the SKEYE Pico’s built in LED lights, you can fly all night long. It may not have photo/video capability (yet) but it’s a surefire way to have fun (or maybe just annoy your little sister)! Get it here.

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Designer: TRNDlabs

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