You can be a jack of all trades, or excel at doing one thing. That’s one really cool thing about technology. Super-companies spend years mastering one domain, startups usually try to do much more. You’ll see that difference between any branded Apple charger and the Unity charger. It may just be a charger in theory, but the intricate detailing of this product and the thought put into it makes it more than just lithium ion battery wrapped in anodized aluminum. The Unity, true to its name, is a power bank, Apple watch case/dock, cable manager, and an iPhone charging dock.

Seems like a lot, doesn’t it? You’ll be surprised to see how good design can bind all these things into something so tiny! The Unity will fit into any standard bag; and it doesn’t look like a monstrosity on your desk either. I’d preach about how amazing it looks too, with its svelte plastic and metal build, but I’d urge you to see it for yourselves! Oh, and unlike other Apple products, this one doesn’t believe in catering only to its kind. The battery pack can be used with all your other gizmos and gadgets too! You still looking for a killer Christmas gift??

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Designer: Pedro Gomes Design


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