LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: “Bombay City Rollers” is the title of the TOPMAN DESIGN’s collection centered mostly into 60’s & 70’s touchstones.

First were the souvenir garments brought back by a blissed-out generation of consciousness-expanders from the hippie trail: huge shaggy afghans from the East—ah, Bombay—and peyote-ready ponchos from the West, both with intensely patterned shirts beneath. More psychedelic visions swirled behind the models on the dot-matrix backdrop. Yet, as some off-message metallic-paneled bowling shoes hinted at, Topman’s proposition was richer than hippiedom alone.

Topman Design eased the audience into the day’s presentations with a collection that was both nostalgic and rebellious. Outerwear became a clear focus from the onset as the show opened with a statement patchwork shearling peacoat set against psychedelic LED visuals.  Riding on the 70s’ Woodstock reference last season, Fall/Winter 15 offered a more irreverent edge akin to the headiness of Glam Rock. AC/DC thunderbolts and star-spangled denim coordinates accented a series of flume-rich coats, ruffled shirts and ombre mohair oversized coats. Tartan suiting — emblematic of the 70s — and western overalls were the bread and butter of the collection.

MARC0008 MARC0016 MARC0025 MARC0041 MARC0048 MARC0064 MARC0080 MARC0098 MARC0114 MARC0131 MARC0150 MARC0169 MARC0189 MARC0205 MARC0227 MARC0250 MARC0264 MARC0281 MARC0298 MARC0320 MARC0346 MARC0361 MARC0381 MARC0401 MARC0421 MARC0441 MARC0466 MARC0483 MARC0508 MARC0527 MARC0548 MARC0569 MARC0586 MARC0602 MARC0620 MARC0639 MARC0660 MARC0672 MARC0688 MARC0704 MARC0721 MARC0733 MARC0754

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