The new hotel ‘NYX Madrid’ becomes a museum of urban art where local artists, commissioned by ‘Urvanity Projects’, transform their rooms into a contemporary gallery. Do you come to sleep?

The Leonardo Hoteles chain opens its lifestyle brand in Spain with a museum of urban art where you can sleep. It is called [NYX Madrid] (https://www.leonardo-hotels.es/nyx-madrid), a 4-star accommodation and 180 rooms in the financial center of the capital, thanks to the platform of cultural projects and curators Urvanity Projects has become a work of art. Because if anything characterizes each NYX hotel is that they become a significant element of the local art scene of the city, betting on emerging artists and that puts the focus on urban art and video art. Located on Aviador Zorita 34, it has been a comprehensive reform of the former Gran Hotel Atlanta and is proposed to renew the leisure and afterwork offer of city lovers. But above all, it is a huge and cosmopolitan art gallery, from head to toe.

SuperEgo is the first work that welcomes us, by the hand of Samuel Salcedo, or rather, of his language, so characteristic in the works of the Catalan artist and that puts into question the grotesque and masked condition of the human being. Downstairs of E1000 dislodges us, making us enter another world, and Ana Beltrá moves us in her I am looking for a forest where to lose myself to an oasis in which to enjoy natural and artificial plants.

Nano4814 chairs, canvases by Israeli artists, a unique nature from the hand of Doa Oa, to end up in the extraordinary pool of planetary dimensions carried out by Sergio Mora, which makes it a magical and privileged space “where behind the undulating aquatic movements distinguishes a starry sky that unites the darkness of the cosmos, with the unfathomable mysteries of the ocean “. If this is not enough, you can always visit the hotel’s exhibition space, which in this case, and by the Swinton & Grant gallery, present “Rozar lo imposible”, by the artist E1000, which invites us to investigate beyond the surface of what we see and live. An artistic declaration of intentions, without a doubt.

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