Just a few meters away from the Tivoli Gardens is the Hotel Nobis. A historic space in which classicism coexists with a current design. A jewel at the service of tradition.

In the heart of the Danish capital, Nobis Hotel Copenhagen is the first establishment that the Nobis Hospitality group has opened outside of their native Sweden. It opened its doors in September 2017 in one of the first concrete buildings in the city. It was designed by the architect Martin Borch between 1903 and 1923, and for a time it housed the Royal Conservatory of Music of Denmark.

For the Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh, head of Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor, it was essential to respect its history. His studio was responsible for the renovation of the public spaces of the hotel and the 77 rooms and suites (one superior on the second floor and two in the last).

“The Danish classicism, of which this building is an example, is something special, since it is more sophisticated than in neighboring Sweden.” In the main space, we were delicate and respectful, highlighting every detail of the architecture and decoration of origin We add quality natural materials such as different marbles, stone, wood and glass, with a subtle color palette, accented with deep blue and green tones, “explains Gert Wingårdh.

The Nobis Hotel Copenhagen (member of Design Hotels) also has an annex building from the 60s where the Swedish architect and his team were given more freedom. To create the glass façade, they were inspired by the bold and elegant lines of the monastery Sainte Marie de la Tourette by Le Corbusier at the end of the 50s. In the same space there is the Niels restaurant, open to the public and with a capacity for 80 people, where chef Casper Sundin offers a selection of Nordic culinary traditions with dishes made from seasonal and regional ingredients such as salmon, trout or mushrooms.

As in the case of the Nobis in Stockholm, the concept of this hotel gives much importance to the corners of leisure. The bar and lounge are connected to the restaurant and the sauna has a swimming pool, a gym and a perfect place to relax. The wooden floor, black marble and Scandinavian furniture give life to an elegant and timeless environment. Luxury and personality inhabit this hotel as classic as it is modern.

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