As if it were a tree house, ‘Little House’ is surrounded by greenery. With views of the sea, the ‘cabin’ is located in one of the most beautiful places on the northeast coast of Seattle.

The land extends almost one hectare but the house occupies only 106 square meters. The reason is simple: to have a minimal impact on the natural environment. Designed by mwlworks architects, Little House is located in the Seattle region of Washington State. The owners live in Houston (Texas) but spent many summers with their family on a property in this area, which encouraged them to buy and design their own shelter.

“The initial discussions on design focused on creating a compact, modern structure that was simple and efficient to build, intentionally with little impact on what already exists,” says the mw | works team. Nature surrounds the house, which was built on the base of the hut that already existed and to which less than two square meters were added. The simple shape of the house – almost abstract – and its dark color on the exterior facade blend with the landscape.

The entrance porch welcomes and frames the views in a subtle and poetic way. Inside, you will discover a simple box with wide openings in the ceiling and walls, allowing you to take advantage of the incredible views and natural light. The living spaces were conceived with warm tones, which contrast with the exterior tones of the house. Used in abundance, the wood creates a calm and cozy atmosphere with a Scandinavian style. Despite the small space, all areas of the home are spacious thanks to inventive storage solutions. In the living room, the floor-to-ceiling windows connect the exterior with the interior. The bedroom and the bathroom give off that feeling of serenity that is achieved when the essential is the key to design.
Outside, several roads connect the house with the forest and the beach, inviting the owners and visitors to explore and contemplate nature. “The project wants to capture the essence of a modern cabin: small in size but much wider than its physical limits”, say the architects of mw | works.

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