A luxury for hipsters. Brooklyn’s coolest neighborhood opens one of New York’s most exclusive attics. When you discover this impressive William Bale hotel suite, you’ll be as obsessed as we are.

Williamsburg, the capital of indie modernity changes leather to host a new wave of exclusive spaces with artistic vocation. The Hotel William Vale is one of them and opens an attic within reach of very few. The amazing space overlooking Manhattan has been designed by Studio Munge and spend the night there costs about 5,500 euros.

Reflecting the personality of the area beyond the classic brick warehouses seen has been one of the goals that the study posed. This suite, located at the top of the establishment, explores a freer narrative than the rest of the building, giving it a new elitist and elegant skin.

“The biggest challenge we’ve faced was tied to expectations about what a Brooklyn hotel should look like while protecting Williamsburg’s identity,” said Alessandro Munge, director of Studio Munge. One of their solutions? Respect the industrial heritage of the area through a double height loft.

With more than 400 square meters inside and a terrace of almost 500, this penthouse is inspired by the spirit of the new generation of creative talents that lives in the neighborhood. An experience that lives the alternative from contemporary luxury. “It had to be comfortable as a personal residence, but exciting when it becomes a space for entertainment,” he adds. And we are confident that they have succeeded because when they enter the loft the guest feels they own a small piece of Brooklyn and New York. “It’s an apartment in the sky,” says the designer.

The classical proportion is one of the bases of the project and the walls carved in marble the focal point of its interior, which invades the plant of a sculptural character. “Modern interiors are the perfect complement to a dynamic architecture, which gives the project a holistic configuration,” says Munge.


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