This strikingly designed record player beautifully blurs the boundaries between digital and physical media! Packed full of carefully thought out design features, this is undeniably a bold contrast from more traditional record players… and that’s why we love it!

The geometric form of the body is aggressively interrupted by the asymmetric cut-out, where the vinyl is positioned, creating a sense of imbalance and suspense that elevates the visual interest of the device greatly! A repetitive and uniform surface pattern has been introduced to the sides of the device, this not only breaks up the expansive sides but also allows for the sound from the in-built speakers to escape through.

One of the top corners has been manipulated to house a control dial; this design feature blends the flat top of the device into the vertical walls and breaks up the blocky form! So many more of these quirky features have been intertwined into the product, making it an attention-demanding device!

Designer: Xundi Li

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