Barneys department store takes model worship to new levels with its ‘Better Than Ever‘ Spring/Summer 2015 ad campaign!

Iconic supermodels, Stephanie Seymour Brant, Christie Brinkley, Brooke Shields, Elaine Erwin, Pat Cleveland, Veronica Webb, Bethann Hardison, Kirsten Owen, Suzanne Bartsch, and Kiara Kabukuru are joined by twenty-eight younger men for a wild weekend in Miami with Bruce Weber on hand to capture the madness.

The males who run this ladies into madness are no others than Marlon Teixeira, Brian Shimansky, Bo Develius, Henry Watkins, Kenneth Guidroz Jr, Michael Bailey Gates, Luca Jamal, Noah Doss, Shayne Cureton and Franky Cammarata.

“When I’m taking photographs that mix fashion and fantasy, after a while it’s really hard to come back to the real world. But I like the idea of not coming back to the real world—of instead living in your own.” – Bruce Weber

This campaign is EXCEPTIONAL, we are speechless.  We really love the whole theme of it and how was executed. The photo at the pool with the dog, the policeman, the two women, the naked boy and the zebra is hot insane. Obviously the brand is trying to get a new direction with this kind of ads.

Try to watch the video above, WE CAN TELL YOU FOR SURE YOU WILL LOVE IT

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