The Casaplata restaurant in Seville combines an industrial atmosphere with arty airs and a delicate furniture. Its atmosphere, which transforms from day to night, could be the scene of a futuristic film.

A place halfway between the painting of Morandi and Blade Runner. This is how, from the studio, Lucas and Hernández-Gil define the Casaplata restaurant in Seville, one of the new places to be in the Andalusian capital. Far from looking to the past, the project proposes an almost futuristic image, with raw materials that mix with everyday objects in an atmosphere that changes radically from day to night thanks to a studied lighting.

As explained from the study (which has been responsible for the architecture project, furniture design and graphic design) the reform of the space, diaphanous and 140 square meters, was complete. Although it gave them total freedom, the client asked for “a very flexible space that would work for food, cocktails and events” so they created four different environments with patio, window area, individual tables with pink velvet seats and a central space with a large Round table and bars for tapas and cocktails.

“As for the materials, we use cement, metal and wood, but reworking the usual codes of industrial space. A combination of raw elements but at the same time delicate, in a balance of opposites, “they emphasize. That philosophy can be seen perfectly in the pieces of furniture, colorful and perforated metal design and velvet contrast with the untreated cement floor.
The brightness is another of the strong points of the place and makes its image change almost completely from morning to night, emphasizing the materials and textures used. “It had good natural light but to have the flexibility to change the scenography we designed lamps that are adjustable in intensity and color. The luminosity is intentionally very different accompanying the music “, they point out from the studio.

Marcel Breuer Cesca chairs upholstered in pink and yellow velvet are the only piece of author of the place, the rest is entirely Krestadesign work, part of Lucas and Hernández-Gil, and belongs to two collections created ex profeso for this project : Agustine and Genuine, made with perforated plate and wood refer to a future in which the forceful is not at odds with the beautiful.

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