The architect Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva has turned this traditional Anacapri home into a minimal (just two rooms) hotel so, so inspiring that it will cost you to leave it.

It had been abandoned for decades this old house that had been annexed to the convent of San Michele in the heart of Anacapri, waiting for the Neapolitan architect Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva whose dream was to open a hotel in his native Capri

Some of his ecclesiastical past remains in the frescoes that the architect resisted removing from the walls of the Capri Suite, an exclusive hotel with only two rooms. Each of them has its own bathroom – one of them with the cement bathtub as it heads this article – and are decorated with textiles made artisanly on the island. And they are for sale …

In the common areas (which you can envy to see in the gallery), with very few elements Giuliano has achieved what every AD reader dreams of: combining great design icons with rescued elements. Thus, between whitewashed walls, an Eames coat rack and a Gervasoni linen sofa make it very difficult to leave.

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