Only 20 minutes from Lower Manhattan, we discovered Urby’s third project. A modern and urban residential complex that seeks to transform the lives of people who rent their apartments.

A few weeks ago, a new residential complex developed by Ironstate Development and Pegasus Group was opened. Located in New Jersey, Harrison Urby gathers 409 units for rent. After Staten Island Urby in 2016 and Jersey City Urby at the beginning of 2017, it is Urby’s third project designed in the New York metropolitan area.

The starting point of each residence is the modern urban citizen. To meet the needs and adapt to the lifestyle of the inhabitants, much importance is given to the common spaces that help to create contacts and relationships between all the neighbors.

Designed by the architecture and interior design studio Concrete (Amsterdam), the four-level Harrison Urby building pays homage to the neighborhood’s industrial legacy. It is organized around green spaces and has a garden in its heart, which connects all common areas.

Coperaco coffee -which has two floors and is open to the public- is located in the lobby and has a bookshop and a piano. Urby Blues is a recording studio used by jazz musician Davell Crawford who lives here. Urby Kitchen is a gourmet kitchen that frequently hosts classes with chefs, wine tasting and events organized by local businesses such as dinners and workshops. The inhabitants can also use a gym with a yoga room.

Outside, the patio has a pool, gardens and a ping pong table, among others. A parking for cars and another for bicycles plus a specific area for dogs.

In the apartments -which include studios and one- or two-bedroom flats-, large windows maximize natural light. Functional furniture was designed for storage, and sustainable materials such as LED lamps and bamboo flooring were used.

Combining contemporary architecture, landscape design and spaces that help people interact, Harrison Urby reflects a new vision of urban life.

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