LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM [JANUARY 12, 2015] – For Fall/Winter 2015 Gieves & Hawkes moves back into the city with a broad and darkly layered urban wardrobe. Richly structured with a film noir quality, the palette is saturated and textural in charcoal, black, ink, plum and navy. The tone is mat with flashes of sheen.

The look is masculine and powerful, centred around outerwear and overcoats. Softer shapes and sumptuous textures in cashmere and double faced wool are trimmed with mink and dressed with Astrakhan.

For day the suit is elegantly broken, tonally mismatched in micro patterns of textured yarns in cashmere, silk and wool. Colour is moody and mixed up with the flash of a silk scarf or tie. Dress shoes are hand burnished dark maroon and navy over black. The attaché case is in plum crocodile.

The weekend is urban and dressed up in dark indigo and air force grey. Heavy cashmere knitwear is paired with a grey Nubuck bomber or a soft tonal Prince of Wales overcoat and grey crocodile lug soled shoes. The reefer is in aubergine cashmere, the pea coat in shearling.

Eveningwear is subverted with oversized herringbones and Prince of Wales checks morphing into rich shades of navy and claret worn with fine gauge knitwear or dark evening shirts. The formal coat is sharply tailored in dark burgundy Alpaca and black pony skin.

Gieves_Hawkes_01_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_02_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_03_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_04_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_05_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_06_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_07_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_08_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_09_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_10_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_11_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_12_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_13_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_14_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_15_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_16_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_17_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_18_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_19_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_20_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_21_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_22_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_23_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_24_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_25_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_26_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_27_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_28_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_29_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_30_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_31_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_32_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_33_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_34_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_35_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_36_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_37_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_38_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_39_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_40_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_41_1366 Gieves_Hawkes_42_1366

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