With their facades, which reflect the landscape, the huts of the Hotel Sacromonte, in Uruguay, camouflage themselves while creating a luxury accommodation and an immersive experience in nature reserves and vineyards.

Disseminated in the landscape and reflecting in its façade with large windows the sky and nature, the cabins of the Hotel Sacromonte are for those who seek the adventure of immersing themselves in the landscape. From a sustainable concept and with all the comforts and latest technologies, these prefabricated modules, the work of the architecture studio MAPA Architects, offer a unique experience in the Sierra de Maldonado, in the east of Uruguay.

The views, of course, are those that make you want to stay in a contemplative state. The young vineyards of the small Uruguayan wineries that have proliferated in this area dialogue with the slopes of rocky soils of mica and granite, the streams and springs and the rich vegetation of this area. The setting is idyllic and this hotel makes the most of it without interrupting the beauty of nature.

The 13 cabins, of sixty square meters, prefabricated in a Montevideo workshop, have all the comforts and sophistication of any urban hotel. But, on this occasion, the corridors and elevators are replaced by winding roads, a terrace on the top of a hill to taste the wines and a reception with cellar included. All seasoned with open paths and organized routes to enjoy wine, culture and art.

The modular steel structure of these shelters and their simple finish result in a set full of harmony in which also the sustainable is as important as aesthetics. The walls are made of local stone, with a very organic sense, and the back part of wood logs, favor a total integration in the landscape. The bathroom, the kitchen and a reading room with fireplace are thus protected from the outside.

However, the bedroom, the living room and the dining room open completely to the landscape through a mirror glass façade, which covers the cabin in an almost magical way, reflecting on the outside all the views and being almost completely camouflaged .

And, in all the concept, sustainability is not lacking as a hallmark of this special hotel, which has its own organic garden, electric cars for transport, renewable energy systems, rational use of fertilizers and a water treatment system . All to seek that perfect harmony between the human being and nature.

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