Neither rattan armchairs and ‘Pop’ seventies. This Danish beach house is white, rustic, with Eames chairs and carved virgins. Any resemblance is purely coincidental ours.

Norm Architects were the guys who study commissioned a project only for the brave: 1853 to turn a house dark, cold and closed in on itself in a happy vacation spot, at least for Scandinavian parameters. Jonas Bjerre Poulsen and Kasper Ronn Korndal Linda, Danish  and protagonists of this story, became McGiver modern interior design.

“We expanded the second floor and filled with huge windows to show the kitchen and the dining room to the sea”, they tell us. They also opened the basement to the rest of the building and flooded with light. “Before, the only entrance was from the exerior” they add.

Located in Vedbaek’ village, north of Copenhagen, the house is a reflection of the professional premises of the trio: maximum simplicity, timelessness, simplicity and return to the classics. The mixture without fear is another constant: the tiled floors on the first floor fitted with wooden bedrooms and polished cement the rest of the house. The grand entrance is framed by a classical staircase.

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