It is not a house, it is not a warehouse, it is not a garage, it is not a living room … What is it? It is a super garden shed that is worth everything, designed to rest, to share or work and decorated to enjoy.

It is not a house, because it serves as a warehouse and is in a garden shed, but neither is it a garage or a typical shed, because you can watch movies with the projector sitting comfortably on the sofa. The concept of this auxiliary building by Moreno Masey is rather a blank canvas and a multifunctional space, decorated with an exquisite taste. In short, a cabin that becomes an independent space of the house, where you can perform multiple activities alone or in company.

The architect Rodrigo Moreno Masey has reinterpreted the concept of a traditional shed to create a flexible space in his own family home in London, in collaboration with the interior designer Emilio Pimentel-Reid. “The garden sheds have changed,” Moreno Masey explains, “what was once an urban attempt to cling to a rural style, now becomes a multifunctional space.”

Located inside a Victorian-style terrace, the building, with four walls and a sloping roof, is designed to be comfortable and, at the same time, surprising. At the end of the garden, it frames the interior space both visually and functionally. With a wooden covering based on aged oak boards, it differs from the house. The roof and walls are designed to show a continuity, without details.
The large opening makes the living room created in the interior literally in the garden, diluting the limits with the outside, with a large glass garage door that is rolled over the roof to leave the opening completely clear.

The finishes, with tiled floor, a wall to project the films and some shelves to place things, make this place a practical space, but also comfortable and beautiful. And to create this space, which the architect himself defines as “a shed decorated with fiction”, Rodrigo Moreno Masey has been inspired by “borrowed ideas, of things that I have seen, like the siding of a granary in Austria or the door of a brewery in Oregon. ”

In short, this cabin, with all its ambiguity, serves for everything. It can be used as an office, studio, gym, TV room, games room, cinema, library, bar or simply a shelter to rest. “It’s a blank canvas,” explains Moreno Masey, “a space to be, to enjoy, work and rest, alone or with family or friends. It is not the copy of a barn, or a house, but another space. Maybe, it’s just a shed. “

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