My dear Buenos Aires Italian, French, Latin and powerful. The porteños have reinvented their city with boutique hotels and good restaurants, from Recoleta to San Telmo, and from there to Palermo or to Puerto Madero.

1. NH City & Tower: Dip in the sky

In this colossal art deco, glued to the Plaza de Mayo, the revolving golden door, the marble vestibule, the stained glass ceilings and the imposing columns take you to 1931. And if history is not enough, the roof keeps motif number 1 To book: a pool over the vaults of San Telmo and the skyscrapers of the financial district. Stay on floor 11, it’s the one that is closer. Today it is part of the NH group and has just been extended with a modern glass tower attached.
Bolivar, 160. Center.

2. F Suite: Good job

The Belle Époque and the Empire style, the red velvet tango and portraits of the Peron’s. The Hotel Faena is a pastiche served by Philippe Starck on behalf of the entrepreneur Alan Faena. In a 1902 brick building in Puerto Madero storing the grain to export, 110 rooms and 83 residences such as the F Suite (in the photos), Alan’s own private apartment, also available to guests. Martha Salotti 445. Puerto Madero.

3. Brasserie Petanque: You only heard it

It is our favorite in San Telmo. At noon, to recover the breath after haggling with the antiquarians of the neighborhood, or at night, to squeeze lovingly at their tables. Large, bustling, with mosaics, tin bar and good wines, it has a simple and traditional menu, although it is better to hear the recommendations of the master and owner Pascal Meyer. If you dare, accompany them with a glass of pastis, a 45-degree aniseed diluted to taste in water.
Defense 596 (left Mexico). San Telmo

4. Great Bar Danzón: great wines

Argentines boast of having the best wines in the world, and here does not seem an exaggeration. From the center of Mendoza, sold-out harvests, boutique wineries … and up to 200 labels, in bottles or drinks at your Wine Bar. Drink especially the Malbec and Syrah grapes, and at the moment you will recite their virtues as if Were from Buenos Aires. For dining, signature cuisine, sushi and dim light.
Libertad 1161. Recoleta.

5. Hotel Home: your house in Palermo

Tom Rixton, a British music producer, and Patricia O’Shea, Argentine public relations, were married in Buenos Aires in late 2002. “It was an ordeal to house many friends and family who came from Europe. Neither Palermo Viejo, where we wanted to accommodate them, nor in the rest of the city were boutique hotels, intimate, fun, familiar and with good service, “she says. Thus was born Home, “and many of those guests liked so much the idea that today they are partners.” They found an old furniture factory in the vibrant Palermo and reduced it to the essential with the help of the architect Rodrigo Cunill. Exterior bunker, smoothed concrete floors, glass slides, lots of light and views of the garden with swimming pool, where cocktails and tapas are served. Each of the 18 rooms is different, thanks to vintage Nordic furniture, tailor made wood beds from Watambu, to the ceramic flexos of the young Argentinian A3 and, above all, the wallpapers of the 50 and 60 Which Tom and Patricia have been collecting for years. “We kept them with zeal of the museum, but is there a better place to glue them?” Honduras 5860. Palermo.




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