Project by: Beatriz Fujinaka & Stephanie Wolff Nigri/WF Architects
Location: São Paulo, SP, Brazil

This is an excellent example of customized Interior Design, the colors, the wallpaper, the furniture and the accessories are thinked for this beautiful space.

The space calls minimalist, but has that touchy personalized sense that we all want.  Love the overall room, the colors are great and adaptable as the little girl gets older.  I love the color scheme and soothing feel that this room has. The changing table is beautiful and I love the way it is decorated.

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We’re an interior design and architecture firm and were contracted by our clients to develop a project for their new baby Sophia. They asked for something very clean, modern and different from other nurseries.

As we have to deal with a dark flooring we chose white to be the basis for our color pattern. To look contemporary and also different we decided to use a geometrical pattern instead of baby or animal figures. We chose white and straight line design for furniture. We also designed drawer handles inspired by the wallpaper pattern. Via:

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