Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr. reunites with Replay for its new Hyperfree denim campaign. Neymar is joined by supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio for a cheeky advertisement that showcases the flexibility of Replay’s Hyperfree denim. Tasked with not moving, Neymar and Ambrosio put on their game face. However, respectively facing a soccer ball and camera, the pair can’t help but move. The results which are captured in a campaign video are charming to say the least.


Discussing the campaign advertisement, Replay CEO Matteo Sinigaglia shared, “At the heart of this campaign there is our need to deliver a different perspective to people on how to use denim and to let them feel a revolutionary experience in motion.” Sinigaglia continues, “The Hyperfree product was engineered to praise freedom in movement and we delivered the smoothest denim in the world.”

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