A loft extension for a house in Salzburg, Austria by Aichberger Architektur ZT.

Excellent architecture remodel, unexpected taking in count the classical façade of the house. It is good to know that minimalism lines get along classical composition, when you have a very good concept in mind, as this project does.

The materials add that edgy contrasting line that is wanted.

It is concept thought back in the days at the architecture design class, take a shape, elevate it and that gives them that call for attention detail in the composition. Once you have obtain that wanted details you have the time to play with texture, lights and transparency. Adding and Substracting.

Keeping that neutrals shades on the big volumetric home and using that orange wood color gives the house that contrast and no competing felling. The big structure is not stealing preponderancy from the loft and the loft from the house because of his size and colors.

By: Andy Abner Rivera

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