The Ecocapsule is proof that we’re heading to a future heavily inspired by the Jetsons. The tiny, egg-shaped smart-house is definitely a slice of the future.

why? Because it relies solely on solar and wind energy to power itself. Providing the luxury of a hotel room literally anywhere on earth (even in the north pole, if you choose), the Ecocapsule by Nice Architects comes with dual-energy production techniques and a battery to power the entire house. Its spherical egg-shaped design is carefully formed to maximize collection of the rainwater and morning dew. Membrane water filters installed in the Ecocapsule are devised to purify 99.999% (wow, much accuracy) of the bacteria and rendering any natural water source suitable for drinking.

The spherical Jetsonian shape also allows the Ecocapsule to have massively hollow walls which are filled with hi-performance thermal insulation material, allowing the Ecocapsule to be used in the harshest of weathers with its residents barely being able to tell the difference. Don’t like where you’re living? No problem. The Ecocapsule is small enough to fit into a standard shipping container and be carried to wherever you want to take it! Oh, and if you want to grab one, they cost less than a Tesla ($80K).

Designer: Nice Architects

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