Michal Pudelka shoots Maartje Verhoef,  Vanessa Moody, Grace Simmons, Clementine Deraedt & Hedvig Palm for Valentino S/S 2015 Campaign.

Maison Valentino is now showing us his vision of  “Travels in Italy”

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli were inspired by the 18th century tradition of the Grand Tour, an educational trip taken by cultured young Europeans to explore the art, philosophy and traditions of Italy. This collection traces a path amidst iconic images and memories: views and souvenirs, scarf prints and baroque blooms, classic ruins and seascapes and the sense of superb artisan craftsmanship are all used to describe the figure of a fragile yet strongly present woman. The silhouette is a vertical line barely revealing the body. Dresses with dazzling prints, motifs, and patterns come in various shapes: tunics, simple yet romantic long high-waisted dresses, and short pinafore dresses with low-cut backs that are seductive but protect against indiscreet gazes.

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Colors are combined, some faded and others vivid: white, light pastels, linden green, baby blue, and vibrant notes of indigo blue, cinnamon, military green, and black.

Fabrics and materials are classic: wool, linen double, silk, crepe, and leather.

Accessories affirm the itinerant spirit of the collection: flat sandals for traveling and light high-heeled footwear.

There are simple shoulder bags with a clean design and metal grommets, one-handle bags, and constructed shoulder bags in patchwork leather printed with scarf-like motifs. Small marine-themed jewelry worn in the hair or on the fingers recreates fantastic itineraries.

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