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A ghost travels Europe, is the ghost of cool tourism for the masses. A new generation of hotels combines design, comfort, location, gastronomy, technology. Yes, you can have it all.

According to a survey conducted by hoteles.com, for 66% of travelers if the wifi is free is the most decisive when choosing accommodation. Well, the hotels in our selection see the wifi and add a design worthy of the best magazines of interior design, strategic location, various technological additions, eco-friendly restaurants, inspiring clientele, space for bikes, online checkin and all at affordable prices , Does anyone give more?

OKKO HOTEL, NANTES: The Okko chain and its serenity in design have just opened sucusal in Nantes and, in the coming months, in Grenoble and Lyon. It is an all inclusive: breakfast, aperitif, access to the wellness area, wifi, movies on demand … The first four stars for all.

BIKINI 25 HOURS, BERLIN: In a building built in the fifties by the architects Paul Schwebes and Hans Schoszberger, the new hotel of the chain for hipsters 25 Hours Hotels has lived a comprehensive redesign under the orders of Werner Aisslinger. The objective? Show the tension between nature and culture, between the urban and the jungle.

CASA ORTEGA, MARSELLA: Strategically located opposite the train station of Saint-Charles de Marseille and very close to the old port, Casa Ortega is a hostel in which the design plays a very important role. Decorated by David Karoubi, this accommodation has five rooms where antique furniture is blended with contemporary objects.

CHECK IN RIOJA: The decoration of Check In Rioja, an hostel in La Rioja that serves as a hostel for pilgrims who make the Camino de Santiago, is pure eclecticism. This accommodation mixes second-hand furniture and others made by the owner, Nacho Najera, with some old pieces and others made by a Rioja’s carpenter.

LA BANDITA, PIENZA (TOSCANA): La Bandita is the perfect place to rest. Located in the heart of Tuscany, this former convent converted into a rural house has several rooms, swimming pool and an incomparable environment.

Source: revistaad.es