The original description of this property speaks of “neoclassical” style for a London building in the 20’s. The description may be true, until the interior Shalini Misra took over the interior. Because what we see now is on industrial times, with ethnic moments, to vintage. Besides feeling penchant for timeless styles and the mix of textures, Shalini bet for respectful design that reuses existing furniture and accessories, and we can prove it in this house.

Belonging to an art enthusiast, possessing its own collection of emerging artists and a gallery in Istanbul, and his family, Holland Park (this is how it has christened the house) goes hand in hand with this collection of contemporary art.

“But it does not stop being a family home, where it is important to create a cozy space that combines sophisticated spaces, but also fun,” says a study of interiosta.


The Holland Park project “is a mixture of styles, surfaces and textures that go very well together to create a timeless, sophisticated look. It’s a place where old and new creates personality, and offer comfort to the family.” Thus, we see in this interiors concrete and wood, ethnic carpets are combined with large mirrors and vintage pieces, fitted bedspreads rake firm, the new side of the house with which follows the traditional structure.

The skylights are omnipresent elements in the living room, in rooms, contributing to natural light. In all areas, glass panels make dividers. But, as they say, everything is fluid.

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Source: revistaad.es

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