The ‘Lyrea’ glowing lamp features a stylish aesthetic that is also designed to ensure that users can focus the illumination it creates into any direction they desire. The interior portion of the ‘Lyrea’ lamp features a copper leaf that is placed around the LED bulb in order to reflect the brightness in different directions.

It is a table lamp that’s just at this perfect crossroad of beautiful and clever. Its unusual shape makes it stand out from afar, and when you come up close, you’re enchanted by the way it makes clever use of a curved piece of metal to switch between bright and diffused lighting. A small knob below the bulb can be rotated along a linear path, turning the curved metal piece inside (mimicking the action of an ambulance beacon). You simply rotate the knob to adjust the intensity of the light… mechanically rather than electrically! Isn’t it just delightful!?

It draws inspiration from the oil lamps of yesteryear and has a modern yet retro design that makes it look like a piece of art instead of a simple functional lamp. The direction of the illumination focus is controlled via a small knob on the lower portion of the lamp.

The lamp is the design work of Amélie Claudin and Julien Vignal of the JUAM Studio.

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