67 meters in Finland

The painter Saija Starr opens the doors to her home in Helsinki, a small, 100-year-old flat with a Nordic soul and current personality. There are plants, books, vintage furniture … and good solutions!

Saija Starr is a Finnish artist with a nice, nice blog (and Instagram), called Cozy Home. Just the name already gives us clues: here delivers lovely entries to tell how you feel at home, with your art, or when you sit at your desk and look out the window … We love to let us peer into this house in The Kruununhaka neighborhood in Helsinki, where she and her boyfriend live. “We have lived here since November of last year,” he tells us via e-mail. We used to love this neighborhood, beautiful and peaceful, so when we saw this apartment for sale we decided to buy it, we fell in love with the big windows and the bright rooms, and Of those old tiled stoves !, of their white wood floor … “.

The house was built more than a century ago, in 1897, and it is a studio of 67 square meters. Unlike how these meters would be distributed in our country, the home of Saija only has a separation, and is where a large dining kitchen has been installed. After the door, we go to the living room, where the bedroom is also installed. “It was a challenge to make things fit and find their place! Many stories kept by every object have found a new home …”, says its owner.

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